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If you’re ready to ditch the exercise machines and find a new way to achieve lean, powerful, and functional muscles, then Kontact is the kind of program built to force those extra fat pounds to tap-out fast.


Kontact is our explosive high energy total body kick-boxing cardio fitness program design to help individulas burn up to 1,000 calories per hour in each group class.  Each of our expert trainer's individual style makes every class unique. So if you looking for a serious cardio challenge, this is where you'll find it.  

MAC Sports & Rehab | Kontact | Rockwall Fitness Training

At MAC, we understand that not all of our Kontact members will be on the same fitness level.  So in order to make sure each of our athletes receive the best training experience we keep the number of coaches to athletes at a relatively low ratio.  


Due to the popularity of our Kontact program we have adopted a strict reservation policy, which allows all of our Kontact members the opportunity to participate.  All Kontact members are required  to RESERVE their training time slot. 


Please review Kontact's Reservation Policy before reserving your spot.  Thank you.

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